I'm trying to create a google document with a classified theme (And no, it's not actually classified) And I want it set to where if you put certain text in a table or cell, it gives you a link to the full 'sheet'. However, I can't figure out exactly how to do this. Any help?

I've asked the question before, but it was asked for some clarity, and I didn't see it in time, so let's try this again. By 'Sheet' I mean character sheet, as in for a roleplaying and ttrpg setting. I saw a google sheets file a while back that when you put a invalid response in a range, a different range would turn read and say "Invalid" in text. I want to do the inverse, and have the range remain invalid until you put a specific phrase in that range, in which case the second range will change with a link to the google document file.

So, in all, It's 2 files, a google sheets file that acts as a "Gateway/Password system." and a google document file that holds the character information when you find out how to access it. If there are easier solutions to what I'm trying to do that incorporate the same theme, that's fine to suggest also!

Thank your for your time.

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