I want to separate text from cells:

A1 = Bats, Cats, Mats, Rats E

A2 = Bats, Pattern, Rats W

A3 = Cats, Mats

A4 = Pattern

A5 = Mats

I want to remove Pattern and Mats from the rows and extract rest of the text separated by comma in one row in google sheet.

Like D1 = Bats, Cats, Rats E

D2= Bats, Rats W

D3 = Cats

D4 = ""

D5 = ""

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    Aug 30, 2021 at 22:45

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Try this in cell D1:

=arrayformula( regexreplace( regexreplace( regexreplace(A1:A5, "(Pattern|Mats)", ""), ", , ", ", " ), "^, |, $", "" ) )

To learn the exact regular expression syntax used by Google Sheets, see RE2.

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