I want to number production runs in my system based on a continual count for that year, which is then preceeded by the year (with duplicates sharing the same number). For example, if the data set was

1 Nov 20
1 Nov 20
1 Dec 20
1 Jan 21
1 Feb 21
1 Nov 20

Then the production run number would be as follows:

1 Nov 20    20.01
1 Nov 20    20.01
1 Dec 20    20.02
1 Jan 21    21.01
1 Feb 21    21.02
1 Nov 20    20.01

And I can't for the life of me work out how to do that as an ARRAYFORMULA. Obviously ranking is pretty simple:


But that will give me a continual ranking (without re-starting every year); is there any way to do what I want in an arrayformula?

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