Here is my sheet:

     A       B            C
1    ID      VALUE        MY VAL
2    1        500         = AVERAGE(B2:B2)
3    2        400         = AVERAGE(B2:B3)
4    3        550         = AVERAGE(B2:B4)
5    4        700         = AVERAGE(B2:B5)
6    5       1200         = AVERAGE(B2:B6)


This is a very long sheet so I can't input the AVERAGE(B2:Bx) manually. Is there any good ideas to solve this?

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Use an absolute-relative reference like this:



Place the following formula in C2:

  1. COUNTA returns the number of values in B2:B
  2. SEQUENCE returns an array of numbers from 1 to the result of COUNTA
  3. BYROW passes the array of numbers row by row into a LAMBDA that stores the current number in r
  4. The LAMBDA's formula uses QUERY to return B2:B limited to the first r rows, and that is used in the AVERAGE function.
  5. The process is repeated until each r has been processed.



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