I used to be able to grab the chrome window and drag it. What this would do is, it would make chrome go from maximized to smaller window state and I was able to place it where I wanted. Recently (after a fresh install), when chrome window is maximized, it unfortunately does not budge any more when I try to drag it. (I can only drag chrome window when it is not maximized.)

Is this due to a new version of chrome, and this is how it's going to be now? Or maybe my new installation does not have a certain setting set up? Is there any way I could make chrome window draggable when it is maximized?


Turns out, the issue was not with google chrome, but actually with my Windows 10 setup. In

Settings -> System -> Multitasking

one has to set "Snap windows" to "On". This makes all windows draggable from a maximized state.

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