I lack access to my facebook account and some weird messages starts coming to my contacts.

  • I was able to login to my email and change my password (it was hacked too because of same password)
  • I tried to log into Facebook with old password. They send me some code via email in order to set new password (so far so fine)
  • After FB password was changed I was trying to login - they asked me for OneTimePassword from generator. I never use this 2 factor login before - it was enabled by attacker. So I tried to choose "send code to email" option. However it doesn't arrived (I tried several times)
  • I tried to send report for my account from fried's FB account and after week I have still no response. Can anybody help me? I was looking for phone number to FB support with no lack. I think there is bug which preventing OTP to be send via email.

PS. I'm using "I" but in fact it's my friend's FB account. She is not in to computers and using the same password for many accounts, she is over 40 so please do not blame her.

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