In the pricing comparison it says that the free plan allows 1 device type but I'm not sure if that applies to my use case.

I'm only interested in using their web-app login from my PC to take password protected notes, and using the app in my android phone to do the same (I'm not going to use any password-storing functionality they have).

I'm not interested in installing anything in my PC (nor an extension for my browser).

Given my use case, am I "using" more than 1 device type?

If I wanted to test it myself, I would have to wait until the premium trial ends in 30 days to see if they prevent me from logging in from one of said devices.

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Users on the free tier could use Lastpass on any device type but they will be asked to choose one. then when trying to use it on a different device type they should "switch" the device type.

I'm on the free tier and I'm currently using the Lastpass' Android app. When I try to open Lastpass on the web, it shows the following:

3 device switches left

Active device type:Mobile

You can only use LastPass for free on one type of device. Switch up to 3 times to find the right option for you.

Learn about switching your device type

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