I have managed to loose access to my Facebook account/Messenger by accidentally logging out all connected devices when doing something on the Messenger app (can't remember which action; possibly changing password).

I had at that point already deactivated my account, but continued to use Messenger. Problem is, I never connected my phone-number to my account, nor have I written down the backup-codes for 2FA or linked a third-party code generator.

The problem when trying to recover

However, when I now try to log in and get the prompt to enter 2FA code, I click the "Need another way to authenticate?" link and then "Other options" -> "Get More Help" which leads me to "Confirm your identity" where you're supposed to be able to upload gov-issued ID and email.

At step 1 "How can we reach you?" i enter my email and click send, and it fails 500 server error and the process stops there (see image below).

Official support

I have tried to get in touch with FB, but it seems to be impossible. Nor have any of the help-center articles worked; "report" account via friend, clear all browser cache, etc.

Are there any other ways to contact FB and get manual assitance with this, or are there known reasons for this error?

500 server error when trying to send contact email


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