I’m trying to get a particular search to work in Google Drive and it’s defeating me.

Situation – I want to find all folders/documents owned by me and shared with a specific user. Reading the documentation from within my Google Drive I need to:

• Open the search options
• Select ‘Owned by me’ as the owner
• Enter the other user’s email id in the ‘Shared to’ box

Doing the above gives the following search string (anonymising the user id):
to:xxxx@yyy.org.uk owner:me

I should find a single document that I’ve created specifically to test the situation, but the search comes up with nothing found. This is despite the fact that the document information identifies that it is owned by me and the other user has access. Am I missing something simple?

Further to my original question I can add some additional information. In the question as described the document was shared in the following way: • User1 created a folder in their drive and shared it with User2, using the web interface • User2 added a shortcut from the shared folder to their MyDrive using the web interface • User2 accessed the shared folder via Windows Drive for Desktop • User2 stored the document to the shared folder via Drive for Desktop While sharing appears to work and both users can access the document both via the web interface and via Drive for Desktop the search as described earlier does not find the document

I created another scenario where: • User2 creates a document in their MyDrive by uploading via the web interface • User2 shares the document to User1 using the share functionality in the web interfae. In this scenario the search as described earlier finds the required document So there appears to be some difference depending on how the document is added/shared, even though the sharing attributes (viewed via the web interface) appear to be the same. Can anyone see why the behaviour is different?

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