So I have a bot on google drive that among other things sorts files in folders. In the partial code below they are looped and placed in PASS or FAIL folders. The problem I have is that the files get the sharing permission "anyone on the internet can find and view" What I want the permission to be is "anyone with the link can edit" (not public) When deploying the bot it has to be "anyone"

Changing folder sharing permissions doesn't change the file sharing permissions.

How to do this? either in the loop or some other way?

    let currentFile = DriveApp.getFileById(dashboardData[i][0]);
    dashboardSheet.getRange(2+i, 9).setValue(uniqueVal);
    if(uniqueVal > 0.90) {
      dashboardSheet.getRange(2+i, 8).setValue("PASS");
      passFailStatus = "PASS";
    } else {
      dashboardSheet.getRange(2+i, 8).setValue("FAIL");
      passFailStatus = "FAIL";

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