I am not listed as a collaborator or owner of any of these files. When I click on the "Share" button, my name isn't listed anywhere in there. But somehow they're all shared with me. How can I get rid of them (while still allowing the current collaborators to access them)?

I tried just deleting the folder, but they still appear in my "Shared Files".

This is nearly identical to this question, but the proposed solutions do not work for me (dragging the file into the trash still shows them in my search results).

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I recently had the same or a similar issue. First I did most of what the people recommended in the link you posted above but it still showed 40+ shared files that I wasn’t connected to anymore so, I:

  • logged out
  • closed my browser/quit my browser (I use Chrome)
  • restarted the browser
  • re-logged in

Essentially it was the digital equivalent of unplugging it and plugging it back in/turning it off and on. Have you tried that yet?

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