On YouTube, I commented under a video, which started a reply thread. I commented again as a reply, but after posting, I decided to edit my reply for clarification. As soon as I did, YouTube gave me an error code. I didn't write it down, but my fuzzy memory of it was a 4 digit code that started with 1. My reply was immediately gone. I closed and reopened the tab, but now I was unable to post anything in the comments under that video, and there was no error code anymore. I can press reply, write my comment and hit post. It looks like it's posted, but as soon as I refresh the page, my new reply disappears. Same thing if I try to post a new comment.

I tried a lot of recommended fixes for comment errors, such as watching the ads, and letting the video run for 30 seconds. I tried it in a different browser with a clean cache and no extensions. I tried it on a different computer. Nothing worked, so I think the issue might be tied to my account. However, when I try commenting on other videos, the comment goes through and posts. I even tried it on a different video from the same channel, and I can comment without problem. It's just that one specific video that won't let me post.

Does anyone know what might be causing the error and if it's possible to fix? I'm using Chrome if that matters.

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