I need to sum a range (D20:D22) but exclude any values in an adjacent column (G20:G22) where the Column G values is <-2. The resulting value is the divisor in a second calculation.

For example:

  • D20:D22
    • values = 6, 10 and 12 (sum = 28)
  • G20:G22
    • values = 1.87. 3.52 and 4.84
  • G20 is less than 2, so D20 is excluded from the sum
  • Expected sum: D20:D22 = 22 (10 + 12)

  • Cell I20 = 8.36
  • I20 divided by adjusted sum of D20:D22
    • = 0.38 (8.36/22)

I think that sumifs is probably part of the solution, but I can't work out how to write the formula.

See my spreadsheet. The formula is on sheet "BOD".

Hope this isn't too confusing. Thanks


Try this:


Sumifs documehtation


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