I'm collaborating on a Google Sheet with approximately 500 rows. I think potentially could use IF, ISBLANK and conditional formatting but I can't conceptualize a formula for this and I've tried reading examples. This Google Sheet has unique rows, but I cannot change the text which is why would like to conditionally format.

  1. J cell should be highlighted if text is "Not Met" AND column M is blank.
  2. K cell should be highlighted if text is "Not Met" AND column N is blank.
  3. I is the ultimately important column and should be highlighted if (J is "Not Met" AND M is blank) AND if (K is "Not Met" and N is blank). For example, the last row in the photo does not need to be highlighted because J is "Not Met" but is fulfilled by data in M AND K includes "Met".
  4. Additionally, if L cell has any data then I should not be highlighted (overrides J,K,M,N data).

I'm unable to print in color, so don't want to highlight green for "Met" or if J thru N fulfill the requirements, it should remain as is.

Here's ideally what I want it to look like: example of conditional formatting based on values

Is this possible?

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    To start, the third row of Column I in your posted image is highlighted; yet the conditions you describe are not met [i.e., "should be highlighted if (J is "Not Met" AND M is blank) AND if (K is "Not Met" and N is blank)]. In addition, EXPLAINING how to implement such rules would take longer than simple implementing them. Keeping in mind that this site is tended 100% by volunteer contributors and not paid employees, the best way to invite help is to share a link to your sheet (or a copy of it) with the link permissions set (when creating the link) to "Anyone with the link..." and "Editor."
    – Erik Tyler
    Oct 9 at 2:49
  • You can use the Contact Us form to have your accounts merged, so that you can freely edit your post.
    – Glorfindel
    Oct 9 at 7:36

The answer comprises a series of custom formula:

Column J =AND(J2="Not Met",isblank(M2))

  • Highlight if Column J = "Not Met" AND Column M is blank

Column K =AND(K2="Not Met",isblank(N2))

  • Highlight if Column K = "Not Met" AND Column N is blank

Column I

=or(not(isblank(L2)),AND(AND(J2="Not Met",isblank(M2)),AND(K2="Not Met",isblank(N2))))

  • This is in two parts driven by OR
    • Part#1: Highlight if Column L is not blank

    • not(isblank(L2))

    • Part#2: Combination of the Column J and K rules with AND applied

    • AND(AND(J2="Not Met",isblank(M2)),AND(K2="Not Met",isblank(N2)))

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