I'm trying to format a cell in google sheets to change colors when it reaches a certain date.

For example, if I call a customer on 10/10/2021, I want to format a cell in the row to turn red on 10/20/2021 so I know it's time to follow up.

I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Any suggestions?

  • Please consider sharing a copy of yiur sheet. From the description it's hard to understand where to put all the details that you mention.
    – ZygD
    Oct 12 at 17:39

Use the Control + ; or ⌘; keyboard shortcut to insert the current date in a cell in some column. Then select the whole column and choose:

Format > Conditional formatting > Less than or equal to > =today() - 10

See conditional formatting and keyboard shortcuts for more info.

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