Could anyone kindly advise how to keep my sample chart unchanged after deleting the unnecessary Row 2?

I have a Google Sheet that contains over 50 charts whose data source is within only one big data table. Now I need to delete several useless rows which are not used for creating those charts. However, every time I delete a row, the series get changed and all my charts get changed as well. I would greatly appreciate any solutions or tips.

Link to my Sample Chart [Anyone can edit]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jMhL2MnMvUJ82igS5RHQpUYQbIRVtjpU37n6SpEVp4o/edit?usp=sharing

Sample Chart before Deleting Row 2

The data range is A1:J100.

enter image description here

Sample Chart after Deleting Row 2

The data range is automatically changed to A1:J99.

enter image description here


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I took a look at the sample spreadsheet. The data range of the chart is set to A1:J100, which obviously includes the Customer Retention series that has apparently been excluded manually.

The easiest solution would be to hide row 2 instead of deleting it. That way, existing charts are not affected. See the new 'Hide row 2' sheet in the sample spreadsheet for an illustration.

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