I'm having problems while attempting to create a business page on Facebook. Here is the thing, I have created pages in the past, and the process is pretty straightforward, nothing out of ordinary. Now, I recently helped my brother to create a page using his personal profile, but, this time everything seems different. The most odd thing is when trying to manage the page. When trying, Facebook will request to switch profiles. In order to explain this in detail allow me to show you some screenshots.

(Using my profile) Please ignore the Spanish image text.

1 - Creating a page. As you can see, it seems to me as the usual user interface to create a business page. Please take close attention to the number 3 in red color. When the page description is modified, is added to a specific field separated from the page title and category (Follow the arrows).

Creating a page

2- Pages I manage. When I click on the pages section in my profile, as I'm looking to manage my page, these pages are displayed as follows:

Pages I administrate

As you can see, pages show notifications and some basic information.

3- Manage page. When the page is clicked I expect my page's left side admin options to show up. As follows:

enter image description here


(Using my brother's profile)

1- Creating a page. As you can see this is the first change. I've been looking on my setting something to change this type of page being created. I can't find anything relevant related to this change. The first thing to look at is the change in positions between category and description (what use to be number 3 in my profile). Create a page on my brother's profile

2- Pages I manage. Now, the basic information that is suppose to be shown when displaying my pages changes, instead a switch button ("Cambia") is showing up. As follow: enter image description here

3- Manage page. And now, I have to click switch (cambiar), to see my page, but, the side options is not showing up, also, I'm no longer in my brother's profile, instead I'm in a separate profile. As follows:

enter image description here

Now, the sidebar is not showing up, instead a blue button "Manage" is in place, also I'm no longer managing as as my brother but as a profile using the same name as the page. Please note that this is not much of a problem but as far as I know no one else in my circle have seen this before and we can't find the reason of it. We want to solve this problem because someone else will manage this account and we are going to pay for that. This person is confused and works slow with this odd page. Also, I add that, every way to manage that page seems to be change nothing is in place and the only option left is the business suite, but we don't want to use it. Thank you in advice.

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