When I'm in a Google Drive folder, what's the easiest way to display "recent files", and move selected files from the "recent" list to that current folder?

I'm looking for either...

  • A way to display the recent files list on demand, without leaving my current folder, so that I can drag-drop files from the recent list into my current folder.
  • A right-click menu option in my folder, with a Move recent file here option, that expands to show the most recent 6 or so files. Choosing one moves it to the current folder.
  • Some kind of sidebar widget or add-on that allows me to do the above.

Why would I need this?

Well, a number of programs I use ( I'm looking at you, LucidChart ) create new files in Google Drive in very inconvenient places. Even if am in my desired folder, and right-click-create the document in that folder, some apps ignore that entirely, and create the file somewhere else if their own choosing.

The problem is, I need the file in the folder I requested it to be created in, which is buried deep, deep in some subterranean folder hierarchy of projects or clients.

Other things I've tried...

  1. If I go to the root of my drive where the "Recent files" list normally appears, I can no longer see my folder to drag it into.
  2. Expanding the left-side folder tree nav would take ages to pick through to find the right folder, if I could find it at all. Some folders contain thousands of other folders.
  3. Right-clicking on the "Recent file", and choosing "Move" displays the Move file widget, which doesn't allow me to search for folder names, so it's the same problem as the left-side folder nav, but in an even smaller space.
  4. Opening two browser windows, one with my folder, and one with recent files, and drag-dropping the file across. Yeah I knew that wouldn't work, but I'm desperate.

There must be something obvious I'm missing, like a hotkey or an option setting, or an add-on, but I've had no luck finding the solution.

Save me.

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