I have a Facebook page with ~2000 likes , marked as Photographer + Event videographer, to which I post photo albums (directly on the page) and YouTube videos (from my YouTube channel).

In photo albums, I'm able to tag people who I'm "friends" with, as I read it's the rule for tagging from pages nowadays (or I think that I can actually tag anyone, just some tags will appear right away and some won't, I see no real logic, I guess it depends on each users' settings). But whenever I post YouTube videos with text (or other type of text contents), tags in text are systematically stripped from text.

If I post on my private profile and tag the same people, the don't untag themselves and some of them like and share, so it's not that they untagged themselves from the page.

Why does this happen and can it be solved?

Edit: After some more search I may have found some form of (incomplete) answer. According to https://www.reddit.com/r/facebook/comments/n6ie06/tagging_people_in_business_page_posts_disappear/ this is a known bug that happens in desktop browser(s) and that FB hasn't solved yet for some reason. And the poster writes that a workaround is to use a desktop browser (they mention Chrome on iOS). Some other user replies that they can't do that in any browser. I don't have any iOS device and I need to test this in Android browsers, but haven't tried yet, will try tomorrow.

Edit: Some more testing: I did more tests with various accounts and various desktop browsers... it doesn't seem related to account or browser. But I noticed that tags disappear when FB displays the "Edit" UI for a post, this is probably a reason why some of my tags disappeared, but I suspect that this is not the only reason.

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