My goal is to export a CSV from google sheets using encoding UTF-16.

Google sheets is by default exporting CSV in UTF-8 and uses commas to separate values.

I would like to export the CSV in UTF-16 (more precisely UTF-16-LE).

How can I do that directly from google without having to convert the exported file into another encoding? (using a text editor or something else)

Bonus: how to export with a custom the separator? (I would like to use TAB instead of commas)


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Assuming that you are comfortable doing this in Google Apps Script, see this answer and Utilities.parseCsv.

Once you have the data in a 2D array, you can get it in a tab-delimited format with this pattern:

const tabSeparatedValues = my2dArray.map(row => row.join('\t')).join('\n');

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