Is there any way to do perform advanced searches in Google Contacts?

For example, wild card operators, AND operator, OR operator etc?

I want to search anywhere in a name, not just the beginning of a name.
(i.e if I write 'ac' it should display Jack as well)


No. Google currently does not have that feature.

Only search prefix is allowed. The Google help page says,

  • You can use prefixes.
  • You can search by a person's first and/or last name.
  • You'll see matching results as you type
  • You can search for contacts by phone number, or notes you've entered about them. You can search by domain1 or username.

Also so see the answer to a similar query on gmail support forums


YES ... but, not using Google Contacts itself. On my computer, I have Google Contacts sync'd with MS Outlook, which can do a thorough search of the data in my contacts. I also use Lookeen, which can find the data in my contacts.

On my phone, I just found out that there are 3rd party apps that will do a thorough search of my Google Contacts.

It is irritating that Google, home of infinite data mining, doesn't provide a way for us to search for the data in Google contacts. I think their Search box formerly did that, but now is strangely limited.


On a PC, use Export to export all contacts to a .csv file. Then use Excel (or equivalent) to search, using the Excel "Find" facility.

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