Is there any way to do perform advanced searches in Google Contacts?

For example, wild card operators, AND operator, OR operator etc?

I want to search anywhere in a name, not just the beginning of a name.
(i.e if I write 'ac' it should display Jack as well)

  • Dang, just came across this question… again! Seems I upvoted it 5 years ago already, and did not remember it! And it things haven't changed since then apparently… (Hi to 5-year older future me btw) – Didier L Oct 19 '19 at 21:40

No. Google currently does not have that feature.

Only search prefix is allowed. The Google help page says,

  • You can use prefixes.
  • You can search by a person's first and/or last name.
  • You'll see matching results as you type
  • You can search for contacts by phone number, or notes you've entered about them. You can search by domain1 or username.

Also so see the answer to a similar query on gmail support forums

  • You can search for: prefix, first name, middle name, last name, suffix, phonetic first⁴/middle⁴/last⁴, nickname, file as⁵, company, job title, department⁴, email¹, telephone number¹, city¹, street address¹, street address line 2¹, PO box¹, postal code¹, country¹ ², website¹ ³, relationship¹, chat¹, custom field⁵ – ¹ if a contact has multiple, any seems to work, ² if inserted on the website, only the country code is valid, if inserted from the app, you can search for what you inserted, ³ excluding http/https, ⁴ not able from the website, ⁵ not able from the app – I just tested this. – Liggliluff Aug 3 '20 at 4:57

YES ... but, not using Google Contacts itself. On my computer, I have Google Contacts sync'd with MS Outlook, which can do a thorough search of the data in my contacts. I also use Lookeen, which can find the data in my contacts.

On my phone, I just found out that there are 3rd party apps that will do a thorough search of my Google Contacts.

It is irritating that Google, home of infinite data mining, doesn't provide a way for us to search for the data in Google contacts. I think their Search box formerly did that, but now is strangely limited.


On a PC, use Export to export all contacts to a .csv file. Then use Excel (or equivalent) to search, using the Excel "Find" facility.

  • This is actually a good idea being so limited by google. I used this approach to cleanup my 5000+ contacts list (export, filter by regex, import) – Shocker Mar 31 '20 at 10:44

I found that exporting, both Google CSV or Outlook CSV, did not work: output files came out randomly broken or with few records or few data, totally useless

The solution was to print the whole database, in my case more than 3,000 records, and perform a search in the resulting PDF file, which contained: NAMES, TELEPHONE NUMBERS, INTERNET LINKS, EMAILS, NOTES, ADDRESSES, etc, but not LABELS

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