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In my test file, I have two sheets.
enter image description here
^ First one represent automatic data which will be later on fetched from auto-updating place like salesforce.

enter image description here
^Second one has automatic data in first two columns and manually added data in third

enter image description here
^The problem is that whenever new data is added by the automatic sheet (John in this case)

enter image description here
^Then all automatic data gets pushed down but manually added data stays in its initial cells - do you have any idea how I can fix manual cells to follow the automatic data that they were added to?
+ yes I need the newest data to appear on top to address the discoverability issue there will be a lot of entries in the final file

Any help appreciated


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You are manually adding data side-by-side with dynamically inserted data. As you have noticed, this exposes you to the risk of rows getting misaligned.

Lance has given a thorough treatment of the row misalignment issue and how it can be dealt with in some cases.

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