Heres the formula: ='Sector info'!(CONCAT("C", B2)) there's 2 parts to it, the part before the ! which references another sheet, and the second part, that lets me change the row im looking for in the other sheet without specifying the column.


Use the & operator to concatenate text strings, like this:

="'Sector info'!C" & B2

The result is a text string that looks like a cell reference. To retrieve the value in the cell, use indirect():

=indirect("'Sector info'!C" & B2)

That works, but I would not recommend it, because =indirect() is a volatile function that will get recalculated every time any value in the spreadsheet is edited, which hurts spreadsheet performance.

There are much better ways to do the same without resorting to indirect, such as filter():

=filter('Sector info'!C1:C, row('Sector info'!C1:C) = B2)

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