I have a Google Form where I ask for the specific college someone is studying in (i.e. college of engineering, college of business, etc.) and then send them to a specific question where they select an option from a multiple choice of majors specific to their college.

This form sends responses to a Google Sheets file, which has multiple columns all named "major", but only one is even full because the users only answer the major question specific to their college. I don't want to just have one question where I ask their major because then there would be over a hundred they'd have to sort through. Is there a way to automatically merge these columns into one still named "major"?


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Choose Insert > Sheet and dynamically copy the data from the 'Form Responses 1' sheet there, using { array expressions } to copy columns that do not require manipulation, and an array formula to copy the major column, like this:

={ 'Form Responses 1'!A1:F }

=arrayformula( 'Form Responses 1'!G1:G & 'Form Responses 1'!M1:M & 'Form Responses 1'!P1:P )

...where the responses to the major question appear in columns G, M and P.

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