I created a Gmail filter to mark as 'read' all emails from a particular person when I am Blind Carbon Copied (BCC'd). I accomplish this by searching (Has the words) "BCC:me". I am a delegate on another user's Gmail account and trying to do the same thing in her account for emails where she is the one being BCC'd however it is not working.

Why does the search work in my Gmail account but not hers?

  • Courtney, the behavior you are describing is strange. I have tested a few different ways and the test email always show up both when I search 'BCC:me' as well as when I search 'BCC:[delegatedemailaddress@gmail.com]' I think you will need to provide more information about how you are testing to see what you are doing differently that might be creating a different experience. Nov 20 '21 at 4:00

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