I'm making an inventory for my houseplants. I want to add a formula that can tell me when I have to give fertilizer to my plant, depending on the date I last gave it some.

Thing is: when I gave fertilizer to my plant in the months between march and September, I have to wait 2 months to give again. If I give fertilizer in the months between September and march, I have to wait 5 months to 'feed' them again.

So I'm searching a formula that says something like:

IF(D3<3;edate(D3;5);edate(D3;2) **AND** IF(D3>9;edate(D3;2);edate(D3;5)


IF(D3<3 OR D3>9;edate(D3;2);edate(D3;5))

--> So here I'm searching for a way to type "smaller than 3 OR bigger than 9" in one go.

With D3 being the number of the month I last gave fertilizer.

FYI: the functions 'edate' mean --> if D3 is smaller than 3, then add 5 if true, add 2 if not true.

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