I am seeking a worksheet formula to ideally return the cell column letter (or at least the cell reference) of the checkbox that is checked from a range of checkboxes.

Given this range of checkboxes(F1:J1)


enter image description here

I'd like to give the user the option to choose a single one of these AND then know which one was picked.

Any suggestions?


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Use arrayformula(if()), like this:

  if(F1:J1 = TRUE, COLUMN(F1:J1),"") 

The formula will give you the number of the column.

Consider to edit your question and leave only the necessary information. Also if there is additional criteria how the formula should work to describe it.


Use regexextract(address()), like this:

=arrayformula( iferror( regexextract( join( "", if( F1:J1, address(1, column(F1:J1)), "" ) ), "[A-Z]" ) ) )

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