Can anyone teach me how to autofill the "Selling At" column E and "SC Used Per Transaction" when I key in the "Denomination Sold" Column?

So for example, when I key in "3688" under the "Denomination Sold", "2470" will appear under "SC Used Per Transaction" and the number "$65" will automatically appear under the "Selling At" Cell E8.

Another example if the above is unclear: When I key in "86" at Cell A14, "62.5" will appear on Cell B14 and "$1.90" will appear at Cell E14 automatically.

I need it for every number from Cells H10:H31 to match the Cells J10:J31 and Cells K10:K31.

I do not need the "SC Cost" to autofill as it will change frequently and I am going to key that in myself.

Could anyone kindly please guide me through this?

If you do not understand my question, please fill free to ask.

Spreadsheet Screenshot

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You can try this formula in cell E9 for values from column K:


In a similar way use the following in cell B9 for values from J column


(Just remember to clear everything in ranges affected by the formulas before applying them and as always, DO adjust formulas according to your ranges and locale)

Functions used:

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