Google sheets for simplicity's sake say I have two tabs, one with master data and one that is a search function to display a certain part of the master data. The issue is I only want import certain columns based on the date for exemple first of January i want to import column b-e from master data, next day I want i want to increment it by one, c-f and so on. I would like to use functions like =Today(), -1, +1 but how do I select columns to import based on something that isnt just the letter of the column? Current solution I have to manually change the formula and can only filter the y-axis but not x(columns, other than staticly A-G).

Any ideas would be super helpful.


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The simplest solution would probably be to use filter() with a condition parameter that compares column(Sheet1!A1:Z1) with your column selection criteria.

Alternatively, you could use query() where the data range is given throgh an { array expression }, with a select clause that names columns using string manipulation and simple arithmetic.

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