When I open Google Sheets, a box opens up asking if I want to share the spreadsheet. Is it possible to remove the option to share Google Sheets?

  • Hi and welcome. This is NOT my personal experience (PC, browser, online only) but I wonder whether this is a platform-oriented issue. Would you please summarise what os, hardware & software you are running. On a tangent, it's not possible to open Sheets per se, one opens Sheets by opening a sheet (even if it is just a blank sheet). Again, would you clarify exactly what you mean by When I open Google Sheets.
    – Tedinoz
    Dec 3 '21 at 6:25
  • Perhaps link that you open your spreadsheet with contains "share" option: ends with something like "edit?userstoinvite=username". delete that part.
    – Oleg_S
    Dec 8 '21 at 9:31

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