I am attempting to pull from https://research.investors.com/stock-quotes/nasdaq-apple-inc-aapl.htm I want to get the EPS Rating which is the 305th list item, which I found using var i = 1; [].forEach.call(document.getElementsByTagName("table"), function(x) { console.log(i++, x); }); in the console.

This is the importhtml i have used: =IMPORTHTML("https://research.investors.com/stock-quotes/nasdaq-apple-inc-aapl.htm","list",305)

and the importxml i have used: =IMPORTXML("https://research.investors.com/stock-quotes/nasdaq-apple-inc-aapl.htm","/html/body/div[1]/div[9]/div/form/div[2]/div[3]/section/div/div[9]/div[1]/div/div[2]/ul[3]/li[2]") but all of them return "#N/A"

Error reads "Could not fetch url: https://research.investors.com/stock-quotes/nasdaq-apple-inc-aapl.htm"

Am I approaching the IMPORT functions incorrectly? Or is the structure of this page not compatible with these functions? Any help is appreciated!

I should note that other domain prefixes import fine, such as "in.investors.com" tested with =IMPORTHTML("https://in.investing.com/equities/jagson-airlines-bo", "table",2)


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It looks like the site you mention is behind a cookie wall, and thus cannot be accessed programmatically with any Google Sheets spreadsheet function.

See How to know if Google Sheets IMPORTDATA, IMPORTFEED, IMPORTHTML or IMPORTXML functions are able to get data from a resource hosted on a website?


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