I'm very new to Google Sheets and I'm trying to make find the correct formula for a text result based on multiple conditions, here is my best crack at it:

=arrayformula(IFS(B9:B="",V9:V="",and(I9:I>10%,M9:M>10%,U9:U>7),V9:V="STRONG BUY",and(I9:I>5%,M9:M>5%,U9:U>5),V9:V="BUY",and(I9:I>0%,M9:M>0%,U9:U>4),V9:V="HOLD",and(I9:I>-5%,M9:M>-5%,U9:U>2),V9:V="SELL",and(I9:I<-5%,M9:M<-5%,U9:U<=2),V9:V="STRONG SELL"))

Does anyone why do I get the N/A result? Sheet

Second of all, I'm trying to sort autosort the column U and i get the #REF error

This is my best crack at it, but It doesnt' work:




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Your ifs() formula is lacking a "default" branch. Try adding this to the list of conditions:

, true, "(no condition matched)"

Note that as written, the ifs() will only return one of two values: true or false. You cannot place a result in column V by specifying V9:V="STRONG BUY". You may want to replace that comparison expression with simply "STRONG BUY".


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