I'm trying to copy/paste or export a large number of lines from another application to Google Sheets. However, I discovered that when I copy/paste, any newlines are silently removed. When I try to export as CSV (field separator=, Encloser=" Line terminator=\r\n) and import the CSV, the newlines are completely breaking the row and spilling into the next row.

What separator, encloser, and terminator do I need to export the CSV as for Google Sheets to properly put the newlines in the cells themselves?


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I downloaded a CSV from Google Sheets which contained newlines in a cell and I see the Google separates each line in the CSV by '\r\n' but each individual newline in a cell is only '\n'. In addition, lines containing '\n' need to be quoted. So the answer is:

  • separator: ,
  • encloser: "
  • line terminator: \r\n
  • but also, any new lines in a cell must be '\n' (not '\r', '\r\n' or '\n\r')

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