my number set looks like this example -360.132, 125, 140.0152, -400.13, i would like to be able to have an if statement for the numbers that end with a "2" after the decimel point. So i want to grab -360.132 and 140.0152 and ignore the others in the above numbers. I know very little about regular expressions. I tried =ARRAYFORMULA(REGEXMATCH(E3:E105,\d$2)) where column E contained my number set but get an error.

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Use filter() to get the values that match a regular expression, converting numbers to text strings with trim(), like this:

=filter(E3:E105, regexmatch(trim(E3:E105), "\.\d*2$"))

To learn the exact regular expression syntax used by Google Sheets, see RE2.

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