Is there any way to present Google Drive search results as though they are a distinct folder? For example, suppose I have a folder named "Invoices" that contains files like this:

  • VendorA_2021-10-13.pdf
  • VendorA_2021-11-04.pdf
  • VendorG_2021-09-17.pdf
  • VendorL_2021-07-12.pdf
  • VendorL_2021-09-28.pdf

I'd like to have a folder named "VendorA" where the contents are not static, but rather a saved search of the form "in:Invoices Title:VendorA*". Any new files for Vendor A that get added to the Invoices folder would also automatically appear in the "VendorA" folder (as long as they were named according to the convention that the search looks for). One benefit of this is that the VendorA folder could be shared with people who only need access to Vendor A information without having to manage permissions on each file individually.

Does Google Drive/Google Workspace provide this functionality, or something like it?


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