this is about years ago so I don't remember all the details

I had an account: mohsentux@gmail.com but something happened and I make another account mohsentux2@gmail.com which I'm using right now.

I want to delete my deactivated account but I can't log in (no such account error) and I can't sign up using mohsentux username (already taken error).

I want to somehow delete my old account re-signup as mohsentux and transfer all my data from the mohsentux2@gmail.com account to my old mohsentux@gmail.com.

Is it possible? and how would you go about it?

maybe if we contact google ourselves, it would be possible but strangely enough, I can't find an e-mail or phone number anywhere? how do people come into contact with them??

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    I do not believe this is possible. Allowing old or deleted accounts to be reregistered would be a massive security risk as any systems that you used with that email could potentially be accessed by anyone who happened to grab that "new" email. quora.com/…
    – Mokubai
    Dec 13, 2021 at 12:42


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