I've been using projecteuler.net to learn a bit of programming, and I think this is a great format to learn other stuff (learning by doing). I'm wondering if there's any other sites similar to this, that in essence is a list of challenges to learn a discipline.


There's Python Challenge, Top Coder & SPOJ

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  • These are great, but do you happen to know any that don't involve programming? I.E. Home improvement, Gardening, etc. – methodofaction Jun 15 '11 at 17:54

This is a tricky one, as problem based learning is suited to programming challenges as it is very easy to submit your solution online - other subjects such as gardening would be quite hard to submit online! :)

However, you could check out this site http://www.mrsoshouse.com/pbl/pblin.html

It has various resources on Problem Based Learning along with various Activities, Problems and Projects on a range of subject.

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In my opinion: using http://www.wikihow.com can teach you various things in "learning by doing" methodology.

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