I am not quite sure how to get historical exchange rates from Google Sheets. It is the start date and number of days, daily/weekly that is confusing to me. I was able to get the current exchange rate, but I want different rates for the date I am referencing. I also tried replacing "12/13/2021" with date(2021,12,13) but that was not successful either.


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Try this: =GoogleFinance("Currency:USDEUR", "Close", date(2021,12,13), 1)

Alternatively, you can specify parameters in cells and reference the formula accordingly.

This is an example, based on the screenshot below:

=GoogleFinance($B$2&":"&$B$3&$B$4, $B$5, $B$6, $B$7)



The examples included under "Exchange Rate Trends" in the Documentation are helpful.

  • That is better. I was able to reference a date field using your second example, but it takes up more than 1 cell. I think there's an INDEX function I can try using just to get the closing rate.
    – Sun
    Dec 19, 2021 at 18:07
  • index(GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:EURUSD","CLOSE",DATE(2021,12,18),1),2,2) worked for me.
    – Sun
    Dec 19, 2021 at 18:24

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