So I have a google sheet document which houses figured for each hour of the day from 6 - 16:00 (each hour in a different tab.

I’m looking to add a script and a button that will allow me to clear all the cells on all sheets with one click, I managed to find help online which would clear what sheet, but when I tried to add in the other sheet names it wouldn’t work (o really have no clue about script or coding so that is my issue)

Essentially I need f2:aa86 clearing from all of the hourly tabs which are named “7:00” “8:00” “9:00” etc

Thanks for any help!

  • Hi and welcome. A question... you said initially said clear all the cells but later you refer to f2:aa86 clearing. What do you understand by the term f2:aa86 clearing?
    – Tedinoz
    Dec 21, 2021 at 3:14

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You do need to learn how to write scripts OR, at the very least, how to adapt an existing script to your own circumstances. This answer is designed to provide a solution by referencing some existing scripts and also helping with referencing more information.

  • You want a button that will allow me to clear all the cells on all sheets with one click

  • You want to the script to work on all hourly tabs (6 - 16:00) which are named “7:00” “8:00” “9:00” etc_

  • You want to clear all the cells on each sheet. There's a command that does that: clearContents() and the documentation reference includes a code snippet Doc ref.

Putting this all together you might use these scripts:

function onOpen() {
  var ui = SpreadsheetApp.getUi();
  ui.createMenu('Custom Menu')
      .addItem('Clear sheets', 'clearSheets')

function clearSheets() {
  var selectedSheets = ["6:00","7:00","8:00","9:00","10:00","11:00","12:00","13:00","14:00","15:00","16:00"]; // select the sheets you want to run the function for
  var sheets = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheets(); // get all sheets
  // iterate over all sheets and execute code on selectedSheets
      // Logger.log("Cleared contents - sheet:"+sheet.getName())

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