I have a sheet that makes extensive use of cells from another sheet with formulas, some of which have errors. The formulas look like:


Is there a way, or a script, that can parse the formula and either let me jump to, view, or in another tab, highlight cell SHEETA!$E$568?

Desktop Microsoft Excel once had a feature that drew lines from the source cells to the formula: this would be a similar use case.

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Try this script. To access it, either put it in a custom menu or create a shortcut.

function jumpto() {

  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet()
  var ui = SpreadsheetApp.getUi();

  // create variables
  var activeCell = ss.getActiveCell()
  var formula = activeCell.getFormula()
  var cellref = formula.substring(1)
  var sheet = cellref.slice(0,cellref.indexOf('!'));

  var resp = ui.alert('Jump to '+cellref,'Are you sure you want to continue?',ui.ButtonSet.YES_NO);
    // Process the user's response.
    if (resp == ui.Button.YES) {
      // User clicked "Yes".
      // create sheet variable
      var targetsheet = ss.getSheetByName(sheet)
      var range = ss.getRange(formula.substring(1))
  } else {
      // User clicked "No" or X in the title bar.
      ui.alert('Jump cancelled.');



  • Ui is used to confirm that the user wants to jump

  • the formula in the active cell is obtained

  • = is stripped off using .substring(1)

  • the sheet is obtained using cellref.indexOf('!')

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