In my school district, we use Google Workspace for Education Plus, and I have full access to the Google Admin Console. I recently had to redirect all emails from a specific parent to a new account monitored by one of our Superintendents because of Reasons™. I was able to do this in the Admin Console without too many problems. Now, however, the parent has realized that they can share Google Docs with the teachers and use that to get around the email redirect: when they share a document they can add descriptive text, and the Google system sends that in the email along with a link to the file to the recipient; it isn't caught by the redirect because it's sent from drive-shares-dm-noreply@google.com, not from the parent's real email. We don't want to have the teachers and principal block these, as the parent might send something important, but we do want everything to filter through the Superintendent first. Is it possible to redirect attempts to share documents from a specific email address to the superintendent's Drive?

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