I am in the process of creating a spreadsheet for a college golf team that will include a head to head matrix and record every player wins and losses against everyone else. However, I face an issue. Not all players play the same day or on the same course and I want the formula to account for the wins and losses only when 2 players play the same course on the same day. enter image description here

You can see on this example that I would need the formula to return, in the matrix, that John would have 1 loss against Mark(row3&4) and that he also has 1 loss against Tom (row 6&7).

In plain English, and in the example of John vs Mark, the formula should: Look for all rows with John and Mark. If date and course are the same, then subtract score to par between John and Mark for each instance. If result is >0, then it is a loss. If result = 0 then, tie. If result < 0 then, win. Then, the formula should add all the wins, losses, and ties and display it in the matrix.

I have been working on finding for a solutions for hours but still have no idea on how to do it. Anyone has any ideas?

  • Hi and welcome to WebApps. May I ask you to clarify something? Are you expecting to nominate ONE player and then let the the formula/script/whatever find a valid match? Or perhaps you want to nominate TWO players and find any matches? I'm trying to understand whether you propose to nominate player(s) and find results (if any), or whether you are expecting an iterative analysis of all your data.
    – Tedinoz
    Jan 9 at 2:13
  • Would you please provide an example of your expected results of this analysis.
    – Tedinoz
    Jan 9 at 8:45
  • Hi, I am not looking to nominate a specific player. In a different tab, I have a matrix (with all the players) that is already laid out in which I would like the formula to compute the number of wins, losses, ties, and total stroke difference; and this for each player.
    – Tomtom33
    Jan 10 at 22:08
  • @Tedinoz what I am mostly struggling with, is finding a formula that will analyze all the data I plug in on a daily basis and create the win/loss record for each player when they play on the same day and on the same course.
    – Tomtom33
    Jan 10 at 22:10

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