I'm working with Google Sheets and I've spent some time trying to figure this out without luck so far.

2 Sheets are involved.

1st sheet:

Category Category One Category Two Category Three
February $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount
March $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount
April $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount
May $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount

2nd sheet:

Category February March April
Category One $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount
Orange $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount
Category Two $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount
Category Three $ Amount $ Amount $ Amount

I've tried a few things now, like transposing the data into the format found in the 2nd sheet, which works fine. What I can't figure out is how to take that transposed (or not, if not needed) data into the appropriate cells found in the 2nd sheet.

  • The problem with the post is that it does not actually ask a question. It is unclear which cells in the second table are part of the expected result, and which cells are hand-entered data and not part of the expected result. The value "Orange" appears in the second table but not the first table. The value "$ Amount" is repeated in both tables, and is probably representing a dollar figure, but the post should show actual figures instead of a textual placeholder. It is unclear whether the post is about Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Each would probably require a different answer. Jan 8 at 22:42

Turns out this is a perfect use case of VLOOKUP.

Ended up doing the transpose into a new sheet, and using

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A2,'TransposedSheet'!$A:$ZZ,2,0),"Not Found")

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