Suppose, there are values such as 1,A, 2,B, 3,D in certain cells. My intention is to add 1,2,3 (LHS) separately and A,B,D (RHS) separately. To achieve that, I have written certain custom function in "App script":

function GetNumber (number, alphabet) { return number; }

Now, how can I pass 1,A to the GetNumber() as 2 arguments so that, the logic works?
I tried SPLIT, but it doesn't work:
=GetNumber(SPLIT(C1,",")) // C1 is a column cell

Though I am using Google sheet, MS-Excel equivalent may also help.

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Part of your problem is that SPLIT, when used as an argument to a function, returns a string. Say your C1 cell contains the text 1,C. Your formula

=GetNumber(SPLIT(C1, ","))

is actually equivalent to


If you are somewhat familiar with JavaScript, you could instead do the split operation within your function code:

function GetNumber(input) {
  const [number, alphabet] = input.split(",");
  return number;

You could then call your function with


and it should return 1.

Explanation (with links to relevant JavaScript documentation):

The input.split(",") splits the input argument at ,, returning an array of the two parts: ["1", "C"].

const [number, alphabet] is a destructuring assignment, picking out the two parts of the array, storing them in separate variables.

This makes it possible for our function to return the desired variable: return number.

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