I have a file that contains a planner with dates in the lines and the roles of my team members in the columns.

I need to be able to count how many people are working per day and per role.

enter image description here I need to get the sum per Role and for a specific date, with the date being a variable so I just create a cell with the date and change it there to easily filter for the different days. Basically, for the 13th, I would get "2" for Role 1 and 0 for Role 2.

Then, if I want to get the results for the 14th, I go and change it in the cell that I am using to store the date (remember it is a variable in my formulas) and I get 5 for Role 1 and 3 for Role 2.

Is it possible?

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge!

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    There are too many unknowns still. What is the sheet name of the raw data? What range is it in? Where should the results/report go? Which cell will hold the date? In the original data, are the dates real numerical dates or strings? The best way to receive helps is to share a link to a sample sheet that is set up as realistically as possible and where you have manually entered the results you want to see for the sample data set.
    – Erik Tyler
    Jan 13 at 15:32


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