hi i was wondering on google calendar or really if there is another calendar that does this if it was possible with like a code or something that you could make a recurring date. Like for example, christmas eve but if it falls on a saturday make it reoccur on a friday and if it falls on a sunday, reoccur on a monday, or even the nearest weekday. pls let me know thank you, there must be an easier way than just manually changing it every time.

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    Welcome to Web Applications I think that your question is too broad, anyway One is to use Google Apps Script to automate some tasks in Google Calendar. Another option is to use the Google Calendar API which could be used with several programming languages. One more option is to use apps like Zappier. If you need further help please make your question more specific about using Google Calendar, Google Apps Script (or any specific web app) ref. How to Ask. If you are looking for a software recommendation try Software Recommendations.
    – Rubén
    Jan 13 at 19:21


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