=transpose(FILTER({Log!S:S,Log!Y:Y,Log!Z:Z!AB:AB},Search(B37,Log!S:S))) returns adjacent cells in all rows it finds. How can I also get cells from the same columns n rows below from where search finds its match? I have tried Offset and Index and Match but cannot simultaneously obtain the next occurrence and the rows below it.

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    Keep in mind that we can't see your spreadsheet, layout, data, data types, sheet names, return locations, etc.; and we don't know either your end goal or your business/field/realm. Consider sharing a link to a sample spreadsheet showing what you are trying to do by including enough realistic data in the correct ranges to illustrate the problem as well as the hand-entered results you'd like the formula to return, where you want those results returned.
    – Erik Tyler
    Jan 14 at 5:02

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