First of all, read 32, 1023 with the 0x32 and 0x1023 to identify that it is a hexadecimal number.

When we only have numbers the sum is done with decimals and it seems to work. The problem is that in the hexadecimal representation we have values from A to F. So the '=sum()' function is not able to sum cells with letters.

There are two ways I managed to do it:

  • create a line below that converts from HEX -> DEC, I do the sum of the values in DEC and then in the checksum line I do the conversion from DEC -> HEX
  • as shown in the image, I'm doing the explicit sum of the values converted to decimal and then, in the outermost part, the conversion to HEX and I use the parameter [signed digits] = 8, to represent 4 bytes

manual selection cells

I would like to know how to apply the feature with the following logic:

-> for each cell in that range (A2:C2) convert to decimal before doing the sum and give me the result in hexadecimal, with 8 signed digits


Use hex2dec() and dec2hex(), like this:

=right( "00000000" & dec2hex( hex2dec(A2) + hex2dec(B2) + hex2dec(C2) ), 8 )

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