I'm running some data in Google spreadsheets and need to link a lot of different email threads to that spreadsheet. I need different users to have an access thru these hyperlinks directly to the email threads. For some reason, it's going thru just for some users and for most of them, it's just going to the email default page that they have open in the browser (like their personal email) but not to the linked email thread or at least to the correct email by itself. All users that are trying to go thru it - have access to that particular email that hyperlinks are created and entered into the spreadsheet and they keep that email open as well in the same browser at the time. Please advise what we are doing wrong.

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    Hi and welcome to WebApps. You described a scenario but gave no information about how it is done. Would you please describe the results of the research that was done before the links to threads were setup. Would you please provide one (or more) examples of links in the spreadsheet. Are these threads in a given email account, or do they exist in the email accounts of all users?
    – Tedinoz
    Jan 15 at 0:11
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    As a general rule, a user (logged in under their own account) can only access their personal gmail account. In your case, most users are unsuccessful and go to the user's personal gmail account (which is expected), but some users ARE successful. For successful users, have you confirmed the name of the gmail account that these users access (i.e. are successful users accessing their personal email accounts too?). Would you please describe any rights, permissions, etc that successful users have in common, and that are NOT shared with unsuccessful users.
    – Tedinoz
    Jan 15 at 0:35

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