On Wksht A I have cells C5=last name (i.e. Doe), D5=first name (i.e. Jane), E5=first name (i.e. John). This is to cover 2 joint owners (i.e. husband and wife) in our housing complex. I want to import those 3 name cells onto Wksht B, but I want them combined so that it looks like this: B2 & C2 A2 (i.e. Jane & John Doe). I don't want the & to print if E5 is blank, so just: Jane Doe. As I see it, I need IMPORTRANGE to pull data from Wksht A to Wksht B. And I need JOINTEXT to merge the 3 cells into 1, because jointext allows me to skip blank cells and put a delimiter between joined cells. When I try the formula, even without omitting the & when not needed, I just get "formula parse error", even if I try on the same Wksht A. Both of these fail to the error cited:

=TEXTJOIN(“ “, true, D2,E2,C2)  
=TEXTJOIN(“ “, true, D2,”&”,E2,C2)

I know I should be able to combine textjoin with importrange, but I just can't get it to work. This was my last attempt, for which I got the error cited:

=TEXTJOIN(" ",TRUE,ImportRange("<SpshtKey>","<WkshtKey>D5"),ImportRange("<SpshtKey>","<WkshtKey>E5"),"& ",ImportRange("<SpshtKey>","<WkshtKey>C5"))

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The first two formulas contains "left double quotation mark". This might be the problem as Google Sheets formulas requires strait quotation marks " even if the TEXTJOIN official help article includes the other character.

Try the following formulas

=TEXTJOIN(" ", true, D2,E2,C2)  
=TEXTJOIN(" ", true, D2,"&",E2,C2)

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